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The Toledo Area Sanitary District controls adult mosquitoes by daytime "misting" and by evening "fogging" operations, commonly referred to as "spraying". Areas selected for night fogging are based on requests from the public, mosquito light trap counts, and West Nile Virus surveillance data. Accurate records are kept so that most areas in Lucas County receive some treatment and no areas are over-treated. Check our "Spray Schedule" to see when your neighborhood will be treated.

Our spray trucks are equipped with ultra low volume (ULV) spraying equipment and technology. This means that only a very small amount of product needs to be applied in neighborhoods to achieve mosquito control: roughly 1/2 ounce per acre. This equipment dispenses the small volume of product used in droplets sized between 8-30 microns, meaning about 150 drops could fit across the head of a pin.

The Toledo Area Sanitary District places a high priority on operating a very low risk, environmentally responsible, integrated mosquito management program. The decision to utilize adult mosquito control spraying as part of its program is supported by extensive scientific research and operational field data demonstrating its effectiveness. The proper use of adult mosquito control sprays, or public health insecticides, is supported by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and public health officials from the state and local levels.

All of the adult mosquito control products utilized by TASD are registered and approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA). The District employees applying these products are licensed by ODA and have an outstanding record of safety. Full-time District employees participate in ongoing continuing education training programs and must all pass a written examination prior to receiving a commercial applicator's license from ODA.

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