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ABOUT THE TASD - Mosquito Control


Under authority of the Sanitary District Act of Ohio, the Toledo Area Sanitary District (TASD) was started Sept. 27, 1945, by the Common Pleas Court of Lucas County following petition to the Court for the establishment of the District for the abatement and control of mosquitoes. It became operational in 1946 and actual control operations began in 1947. In accordance with the statue, responsibility for policy determination for the TASD resides with the director appointed by the judges of the Common Pleas Court. The secretary - treasurer and general manager are appointed by the director.

Integrated Mosquito Management

The TASD is the oldest and largest mosquito abatement district in the State of Ohio: serving as a resource and model for mosquito control activities throughout Ohio and the Midwestern United States. We practice, promote, and firmly believe in utilizing ├Čintegrated mosquito management├« (IMM) techniques for our operations. Utilizing IMM philosophies means that we approach the task of mosquito control from a holistic perspective, seeking to prevent and control mosquito populations at every possible level of their development.

The IMM approach employed by the TASD focuses on surveillance, mapping, source reduction, larval mosquito control, adult mosquito control, education, and community outreach. No single phase of the IMM approach is more important than another. Each aspect of this approach is integral to reducing and controlling mosquito populations in the most efficient and environmentally conscious manner possible.

Concern for the Environment

Everyone recognizes that mosquitoes are a nuisance, but few realize the magnitude of the health threat and economic impact they present. Mosquito eradication is impossible. Nevertheless, much can be done to control these pests without harming humans, wildlife, or the environment.

All of the mosquito control products utilized by the TASD are approved by and registered for use with the Environment Protection Agency (EPA). The employees applying these products have all passed written exams, participate in ongoing continuing education, and are licensed with the Ohio Department of Agriculture to ensure we operate in accordance with the EPA guidelines for environmentally responsible application of the products. The majority of the control activities utilized by the TASD are biological in nature and pose little to no risk to organisms other than the mosquitoes they are designed to control.

Advisory Committee

Although not provided for in the Sanitary District statutes, a volunteer citizen's advisory committee has been appointed by the Director. The oversight and suggestions from this committee greatly helped the TASD fulfill its mission. Current board members are:

Dr. Gary F. Bennett, Professor Emeritus, Biochemical Engineering, University of Toledo

Jennifer Gottschalk, Supervisor, Toledo-Lucas County Health Department

David G. Huey, Retired, Toledo Area Sanitary District

Dr. Donald T. Knepper, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Thomas Kovacik, Kovacik Consulting

Jennie Lambert, Principal, Spilman, Hills & Heidebrink

Dr. C. Lee Rockett, Professor Emeritus, Department of Biological Sciences, Bowling Green State University

Dr. Randall J. Ruch, Associate Professor of Biochemistry & Cancer Biology, University of Toledo - College of Medicine

Amy K. Stone, Extension Educator, OSU Extension, Lucas County

Konni Sutfield, Retired, Toledo-Lucas County Health Department


Michael K. Hart, Public Information

Russell R. Miller, Legal Counsel